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Traineeship Big Data Engineer

Xccelerated B.V. AMSTERDAM

As part of GoDataDriven and Xebia we are able offer you a training program at the highest level, including the opportunity to help our partners with their big data or data science challenges.


Xccelerated locates, connects, trains, and accelerates highly-skilled data professionals to become authorities in their fields. Our advanced training program develops each person’s pragmatic and business competencies by providing the opportunity to work directly on real-world big data and data science challenges.

After an intensive boot camp, our fellows apply their talent and skills directly to a partner project full-time, creating business value for our clients.

After one year, all fellows have the opportunity to transfer to the partner organization directly, without any recruitment fee. We call this unique approach to staffing deta-flex – because flexibility means more motivation, and motivated people deliver the best results. Xccelerated is a joint initiative between Xebia and GoDataDriven.

Your First Year

Unlike other training concepts, our fellows begin in an immersive, full-time, accelerated program and put their learning into practice immediately.

After an intensive month-long training boot camp, you will work directly on a client project for six to twelve months. You will receive direct guidance from your senior trainer/manager while working one day a week from our offices. After twelve months, if both parties agree, you can permanently join the client’s team you’re assigned to without any fees or fines. You do not need to commit in advance. We even guarantee you a job as a Data Science or Big Data Engineering Accelerator after completing the one-year Xccelerate program.

Gevraagd wordt

Xccelerate training program

Our training program is suitable for Master- or PhD degree holders with relevant experience from an internship or job on the side while studying, and data engineers or data scientists with 0.5-3 years experience. The program consists of the following topics:

Big Data Engineering program

  • Software engineering
  • Software architecture
  • Performance
  • Productionizing
  • Model versioning
  • Scalability
  • Data tests/QA
  • Parallelism/concurrency
  • DAGS for data processing
  • JVM
  • Innards Spark/Airflow
  • Personal development

Geboden wordt

Los van uitstekende arbeidsvoorwaarden biedt Xccelerated jou een Traineeship op het hoogste niveau. Zelfs met enige kennis en ervaring betekent dit traineeship echt een volgende stap in jouw loopbaan. De lat ligt hoog en dit traject is dan ook niet voor iedereen weggelegd. Daarmee betekent het doorlopen van dit traject voor jou echter wel dat daarna geen deur meer voor jou gesloten blijft!


Xccelerated finds, staffs, trains, and accelerates fresh data professionals on their path of becoming authorities in their field. Their unique development program focuses on growing the pragmatic and business competencies of every fellow. As part of GoDataDriven and Xebia they are able offer you a training program at the highest level, including the opportunity to help their partners with their big data or data science challenges.

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