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APH Group Heerenveen

APH Group is an export company of A-brand installations and machines for farmers and other professionals in the potato and open field vegetables industry. This company distinguishes itself by high quality service and a solution-oriented approach. 

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About APH Group

APH was founded in 1997 by Wytse Oosterbaan. He had a partnership with HZPC Holland back in the day (this is an exporter of seed potatoes in Russia and some other countries). At that time, it was common to sell full projects to farmers and agro holdings, including seeds and equipment. Wytse realized that sometimes the equipment didn’t have the right technology for the local conditions. So that made him decide the next thing: “I have to change this and offer the full package. Namely machines with the right advice and service included. Particularly we take into account the local circumstances of farmers and agro holdings.”

And that’s how APH Group was born. From that day on, they delivered the right technology for the specific local circumstances. This still remains the key success factor for APH Group.

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Working at APH Group

As an employee, you can expect an international environment where you’ll experience a lot of freedom in your work, hand in hand with a sense of responsibility. APH Group’s employees fulfill their role in a way that is optimal for who they are and how they function best. They believe that if you love what you do, that you will get the best output. A win-win situation! 

Does this sound good? Then you are very welcome to apply! Check out the open vacancies below. 

Openstaande vacatures

Administratief Controller

Voor het realiseren en ondersteunen van het financiële registratie en aanverwante processen, zijn wij voor ons hoofdkantoor in Heerenveen op zoek naar een:

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