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Virtual forming of composite materials

AniForm’s implicit solver and graphical user interface are especially developed for draping predictions of continuous fibre reinforced composites. This allows engineers to perform easy and accurate composite forming analysis, thanks to AniForm Suite’s key features.

Background information

AniForm’s mission is to support the broader application of composite materials in all kinds of industries. From high-tech primary load bearing structures and secondary structures in space, aerospace, and automotive industry, to consumer products obeying entirely different requirements.

AniForm is convinced that clever designs with composite materials outperform materials such as light-weight steels. 

AniForm strongly believes it has the capabilities to offer these. Close coöperation with project partners and research centres supports its product developments such that AniForm stays updated with the latest developments in the composite material community.

Company Culture

AniForm consists of a small team that creates great things. The informal mentality allows and stimulates you to realise your ideas. You'll be working in a research centre with great people who develop solutions that are used worldwide. The organisation is flat, open and flexible, which means that you are able to distribute your working time throughout the week. There is a coffee machine within a 5 meter-reach and your colleagues are happy to have a beer with you on Friday (at 5pm of course.) The research centre is located in the city of Enschede, which has a vibrant town centre with beautiful surrounding countrysides.


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