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The core business of Lennoc is collecting, processing and analyzing flight data on behalf of third parties. The products and/or services range from single data to full analysis.

What we do

At Lennoc, we have created a unique database by gathering and analysing public flight information from all over the world, which allows us to offer bespoke advice on individual flights, routes, airports and provide extensive flight statistics. This information is collected on a daily basis and Lennoc is continuously expanding its input sources. With the assistance of our own Flight Intelligence team, we can offer the best advice and customize products relevant to your organisation.


  • We have information dating back ten years and can offer extensive historical flight data;
  • We analyse 30.000 – 40.000 flights per day, worldwide;
  • We analyse 500.000 weather reports per day, worldwide.

Our products are based on accurate and trustworthy data and can be used in several ways, such as verifying flight data or as a basis for claims based on the Regulation 261/2004.

Who we are

Lennoc B.V. focuses on collecting and analyzing European flight information. The company was founded in 2005 at a time when European flight data had to be gathered from many different sources. Lennoc decided to consolidate European flight information onto one master database. The architecture for the database was completed in 2008 and since then Lennoc has operated at the forefront of European flight intelligence.

Lennoc has taken an unique approach to analysing flight intelligence. This approach allows the company to compare flights, routes, airports and flight statistics in an intelligent and efficient way. Lennoc offers its clients different products, these can be customized for various business fields. Lennoc is constantly expanding and increasing its information base and data sources.


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