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The Tool: Using MetaFactory for the development of Java applications leads to a shorter development process, less maintenance and a higher overall quality.

Background information

The big difference between MetaFactory and MDA (Model-Driven Architecture) tools is the fact that MetaFactory allows developers and architects to maintain complete control over the code. It is the developer or architect who decides what code is generated, not the tool. As a result, developers keep a firm grip on the performance, the design, etc. With MetaFactory you create your own meta programming environment. That helps them create Java code, XML and everything that comes with it. MetaFactory has been built over the course of ten years. It is now ready to be adopted by large groups of Java developers. In order to meet their requirements and respond to their ideas the company needs Java developers.

The company: which like the tool goes by the name of MetaFactory, is based in Amsterdam Sloterdijk. With a small team of Java developers and salespeople they sell and develop in house projects for their customers. 

Company profile

MetaFactory offers challenging work for developers. They work with a modern development street (Jenkins, Git, Jira, Sonar and Maven). Following and working with Angular. The company executes their projects through small and close scrum teams with experienced senior developers.

Most of the software development projects are carried out in-house. Projects vary from Web based applications to IT solutions. Next to executing projects, the team at MetaFactory have developed the MetaFactory development tool. With the MetaFactory tool you can create your “personal/company” meta programming environment that stimulates the creation of elegant programs. With no project leaders, only senior developers, working according to scrum and everybody is responsible for finishing his stories and communicating about the progress made.


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Open sollicitatie

Open sollicitatie

Ben jij ook geïnteresseerd geraakt om een oriënterend gesprek aan te gaan bij MetaFactory, maar zie je geen passende openstaande vacature?

Stuur dan via de onderstaande knop 'Open sollicitatie' jouw CV en een duidelijke motivatie. MetaFactory kan dan een inschatting maken of jij op basis hiervan een interessante gesprekspartner bent.


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